Why catbiz

catbiz for trustees with bite

Many private individuals and companies want to book their inputs and outputs themselves. Especially when companies are growing, their own accounting software is one of the first investments. With catbiz, you have a simple and flexible solution for your customers. And it’s even better: with catbiz you grow with your customers.
We not only support you in the maintenance of your existing customers, but also show you how you can reach new customers thanks to more capacity.

Benefits for Trustee and Customer

Save time

Run through the booking entry directly in the company
Processes efficiently and quickly. The invoicing of VAT, liquidity planning, monthly or quarterly deals are made as fast and uncomplicated as possible.

Develop new solutions

Through the release of capacity, trustees and companies can develop together. Whether a clean year budget or tax optimization, by catbiz
The most important topics.

Avoid errors

Booking is easy, do not always account. One of the biggest sources of error in accounting is misleading evidence.
As documents are being processed again in the company,
There are not enough errors around the account assignment.