2022The catbiz team is working on the integration of finance and administration.
2021All year-end reports such as social security, salary certification, posting sheet and statistics are used productiv
2021The first small customers in Greece are configurated
2021catbiz mobile clock allows the employees to register their working hours with the mobile phones. The data is checked by the supervisor and then goes into the invoicing as well as into the salary application
2021With catbiz webERP invoices are produced out of working reports
2021The first salary calculations are running including working reports
2020catbiz salary goes online. The worldwide first salary application that allows you to work overlapped in several years and salary-period in case you have to revise old years and at the same time run the actual year
2019catbiz webERP, the worldwide first full online configurable administration software goes online
2018A event with up to 700 participants is handled with catbiz. Import from the shop, issueing tickets, checkin and general control as well as accounting.
2018Today, our team is working on high-ways to roll out catbiz throughout Switzerland. Of course the development is not finished with the launch – on the contrary: now it’s really going to start. The next projects are already present in our heads and we are looking forward to many more innovative products which will help you to manage your administration. Of course with bite. The team becomes bigger.
2017A completely new version for budgeting and liquidity planning is introduced. It is more flexible, more comprehensive and offers new functions that make planning even easier.
2014catbiz is basically revised:
Object-oriented programming and modern tools are used. In the following year, catbiz is moving around and has generous office space so the team can grow and work with catbiz with unbroken passion.
from 2009The first version of catbiz is expanded and
Functions such as address management and project management, working reports are added.
Catbiz can be translated into numerous languages.
2006Jack Plump and his team are developing the first version of catbiz.