catbiz trustee solution

Treuhand with bite

Catbiz was developed by former trustees, so we also know the shadow pages of the trustee’s profession. Our software has been developed to enable a modern trustee to run a simple and easy-to-use software tool.

In other words,

  • The customer records his / her bookings himself, keeps his / her receipts with him
  • As trustee, you will be able to assist with questions about exact accounting and have full access to your journal at any time
  • You create monthly, quarterly or annual financial statements at the push of a button
  • You can immediately query and process specific values, such as VAT or debtor stocks
  • Based on the financial accounting, you can offer other services such as accounts receivable / payroll or payroll accounting
  • You can easily and quickly create liquidity planning and annual budgets.

catbiz works simply and simply in a database that the customer and you can access. Complex arrangements are thus unnecessary and you will have more time to satisfy your customers.

Your own online solution

Catbiz does not want to reduce your total hours of work, but rather to make the hours more productive. With catbiz, you can offer a booking tool completely adapted to your design and offer it together with your basic services for a certain price. The exact price setting is, of course, your responsibility. And so you can also work for smaller companies and minimize your dependency on individual customers.